All Nations Day is an annual event celebrating the diversity of Apostolic Life. We are a multicultural and multilingual community comprised of approximately 20 national origins and on All Nations Day, we come together as a unified church to celebrate our various cultures and worship as one. Worship in various languages, multilingual preaching, an International Food Fair and a “roll call of nations” help make this a highlight on our yearly calendar.

All Nations Day 2015

At 10:30am we kicked of the day with an International Food Fair. Our diverse congregation cooked up delicious cuisine from around the globe and set up display booths that allowed everyone to learn about the culture associated with their food.
During the noon Worship Service, we were blessed with singing by the English, Spanish, Q’anjob’al and French language worship teams, as well as the Children’s Choir and the All Nations Day Choir. Senior Pastor D.L. Rogers preached a sermon entitled “Many Nations, One God” with translation into Spanish by Pastor Jeffrey Scott and French by Pastor Bienvenu Lugano.

All Nations Day 2014