Life can get complicated once you cross the threshold into adulthood. There are life-changing decisions about the future. More responsibilities. New adventures. Serious relationships. Countless choices to be made. The Young Adult groups of Apostolic Life provide a welcoming atmosphere for college and early-career aged men and women. We offer several smaller groups within this age bracket, to better suit your specific needs.


Elevate is the local chapter of Campus Ministry International. Elevate serves the campuses of Parkland College and the University of Illinois. We host weekly Bible studies on both campuses. The Parkland Bible study meets in the Flag Lounge every Wednesday from 8-9pm. The U of I Bible study meets in the basement of the Student Union every Thursday from 8-9pm.

Directors – Les & Emily Cotton

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Hyphen is the young adult ministry of Apostolic Life that serves college students, young professionals and singles who have graduated high school through age 30. Our purpose to is help guide men and women as they navigate through the early stages of adulthood and the challenges of college, new careers, relationships and the development of personal ministry.
Directors – Roy & Melissa Lane
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SYNC stands for Singles and Young New Couples and is open to anyone out of high school through age 35.

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