4 Characteristics of an Overcomer


4-characteristics-of-an-overcomer-1200x630An overcomer is defined as “someone who prevails.” If we are going rise above the hardships we face, endure until the end, and finish the course, we must overcome the challenges we find on our Christian walk. We will face times of turmoil and tragedy, but it is our reaction to those hard times that determines everything.
Job faced greater obstacles than any other biblical figure. He was pushed to the limit. He lost everything, and yet he found a way to be an overcomer. When we study the book of Job, we find important principles that can be applied directly to our lives. I want to share with you 4 characteristics of an overcomer that we can learn from the life of Job.


Characteristic #1: You must be a worshiper.

Immediately after finding out the news that he had lost his children and nearly all of his personal possessions, we can find Job’s initial reaction to this news in Job 1:21.
And said, Naked came I out of my mother’s womb, and naked shall I return thither: the LORD gave, and the LORD hath taken away; blessed be the name of the LORD.

Job had learned of an unspeakable tragedy, something that would cripple any parent. Even after finding out this horrendous news, Job blessed the name of the Lord. He gave God the glory. Job had a made up mind that He would not allow his circumstances to dictate his worship. This is the first characteristic of an overcomer. 


Characteristic #2: You must have a relationship with God and a revelation of who He is.

Job 19:25 says:
For I know that my redeemer liveth, and that he shall stand at the latter day upon the earth:
Job had a revelation of Jesus Christ. He had an understanding about the very nature of God. Job didn’t curse God. Job didn’t blame God. He didn’t fold under the weight of his situation because he knew something that nobody else knew. Before God ever parted the Red Sea, Job knew that God was his Deliverer. Before Jesus ever shed His blood, Job knew that God was his Redeemer. Before John ever put pen to paper and wrote the inspired words “for God so loved the world,” Job had a revelation about the love of God. Had he looked at his situation without this revelation, it would have appeared that God had abandoned him. Job could trust God because he had peace through this revelation. If Job had not sought after God daily and developed a personal relationship with Him, Job wouldn’t have an understanding of the kind of God he served. And without this revelation, he would not have overcome.

Characteristic #3: You must respect and love God’s word.

The next characteristic of an overcomer is understanding the importance of the Word of God. Job understood the importance of the Bible…before there was a Bible. Job 23:12 says:
Neither have I gone back from the commandment of his lips; I have esteemed the words of his mouth more than my necessary food.

Job said God’s word was more important for his survival than food was for his body. Job couldn’t pick up the books of Law and study them.  He couldn’t read from the words of the prophets and apply them to his life. He didn’t have the opportunity to read from the gospels or memorize verses from the epistles, yet he still had an understanding of the importance of the Word of God in his life. I wonder what Job would have done for the opportunity to pick up one of our bibles and be able to read from it when he was in the middle of this trial? How many times have we taken our Bible for granted? Job would have loved to read from it and study it and write it on the tablets of his heart. He would have done anything for that opportunity. If we are going to overcome, we must fall in love with the Word of God. 


Characteristic #4: You must prioritize your life and live accordingly.

The last characteristic of an overcomer that Job demonstrated is that he lived a prioritized life. Job chapter 31 gives us the following facts about how Job lived his life:
He did not withhold from the poor.
He was a giver.
He didn’t put his hope in gold and didn’t rejoice because of his great wealth.
He served those that were in need.
He fed those that were hungry.
He clothed those that could not clothe themselves.
Job was a man who had his house in order. His priorities were the right priorities. He fully understood the concept of seeking first the Kingdom of God. Had riches and gold been Job’s top priority, I believe he would have cursed God when it was all taken away. Had Job loved his money and glorified himself in his success, he would have never been able to stand when pressure was applied to his life. Job had a solid foundation. He lived a prioritized life and as a result, he overcame tremendous adversity.
Job did not overcome by accident. He lived a Godly life and demonstrated these characteristics with consistency. We too can overcome any trial that might come our way if we follow the example that Job set.
  1. Be a worshiper
  2. Have a relationship with God and a revelation of who He is
  3. Respect and love God’s word
  4. Live a prioritized life
shoemakerShawn Shoemaker serves as the Director of Community Connections at Apostolic Life in Urbana, IL along with his wife, Sarah. Shawn is a strong believer in personal evangelism and loves teaching Bible studies and sharing his testimony with others. Shawn and Sarah reside in Champaign, IL with their 3 children.