Don’t Lose Your Wait – Part One
Seems like every one of us, at some time, find ourselves in God’s waiting room.
We have needs, wants, desires, requests, petitions, prayers; but it seems like nothing is happening…
nothing moving … nothing changing. We find ourselves waiting on God.

Don’t lose your wait.

As you are praying and believing for God to come through for you … don’t lose your wait.
You have a family member acting like a fool … you’re praying … don’t lose your wait.
You have a financial situation … don’t know how, but you believe God will… don’t lose your wait.

Need a healing for your body … you’ve been prayed over … don’t lose your wait.
You’ve been waiting for that opportunity… don’t lose your wait.
You’ve been waiting on the answer, the solution, the remedy… don’t lose your wait.

Okay … don’t lose your wait …wait on the Lord … but what does the scripture really mean “wait on the Lord”?

Well; we know what it means to wait on someone. Like waiting on a family member to go somewhere.
There are several options of what to do while you wait.

Just go sit down and quietly wait … be patient and understanding.
Or … pace the floor… making it obvious that you are upset because you have to wait.
Or … yell and scream … “we’re late! … it’s your fault… come on… hurry up!”
Or … go get in the vehicle and honk the horn.
Or … give up and leave the person behind.
Or … give up and say, “We’re staying home”.
We do have options.

As we look into the Word of God and examine what it means to “wait on the Lord”; we discover that we have some options.
Before we get into the details of the scriptures; the main point here is that we learn how to trust the Lord during our times of “waiting”.

Just as seasons change; there are seasons in our lives.
Seems like there are seasons of good things happening.
Seems like there are seasons of bad things happening.
There are seasons during which we experience a lot of change,
and there are seasons when there seems as if not much is changing at all.

We will have times of struggles, testing, trials… seasons when our eyes are filled with tears.
Regardless of who we are, even as we are totally devoted to serving the Lord; there will be
times and seasons of trials that the Lord allows. These tests build our character and our trust in Him.

Most of us have been through some stuff … difficulties … struggles… our heart and soul has been discouraged.
Times when it seems as if happiness and joy has been lying dormant for a long winter.
Times when it seems as if you’ve been going through this valley of darkness for a long time and there is no end in sight.

Here’s the good news! God is faithful! God is keeping His promises!

For every winter season …spring is coming again.
For every trial and trouble … the Lord will make a way that we may be able to go through it.
Weeping may endure for a night (night season) … but joy is coming in the morning.
For every disappointment … you have a Father who will be your Comforter.
For every failure … if we ask for His mercy … He will give us another chance.

If you’ve been spiritually “dead” …. He will give you a revival of your spirit.
If your spirituality has been dormant and you’ve been going through a time of “no faith”;
today is the day of renewing and refreshing. He will restore your faith.
For that battle you’ve been going through… today may be the day of victory!

For that “hell on earth” you’ve been going through… today… He will enable you to overcome.

Temporary setbacks create opportunities for comebacks.
Temporary hard times can be a set up for more good times.

Some temporary setbacks are allowed by the Lord so that we will learn to trust Him more
and learn how to “wait on the Lord”.

It sure seems to me that the pattern of the Christian faith was demonstrated by the Lord Himself.
He said, “go ahead, give Me the worst that could possibly happen in this life…“destroy this temple and in three days I will raise it up again.”

The suffering, the humiliation, the shame, the cross, the crucifixion, the death, the burial, the dark tomb …. the worst.
But after a time of waiting …the resurrection… the best!

So … don’t lose your wait. But what should we do while we wait?

Are you ready for some Word?

Upon examination of the word “wait” in the OT; we find out that the word translated into the English actually came from several Hebrew words with several different meanings.

(check back for Part 2 of “don’t lose your wait”)

D L Rogers