MELTDOWN 2015 was held on March 27. Youth and young adults from around the state gathered at Apostolic Life to worship and fellowship together. Hilarious drama, excellent worship music, powerful preaching from Pastor Mark Brown of Watertown, SD and a great response from the young people in attendance. After the service, everyone enjoyed a time of fellowship, including food, a Legend Talent Show, dodgeball tournament, 3-on-3 basketball tournament, ping pong tournament and more. We had a great time at Meltdown 2015 and look forward to next year!
The world around us exalts performers, athletes and other public figures for their accomplishments on the stage, screen or playing field. This celebrity status is often viewed as the ultimate goal in our society. The best-of-the-best often get labeled as a LEGEND. It is easy to fall into the trap of believing this definition of success and buy into the false hope of earthly fame and status.
The Kingdom of God is different. It is made up of countless individuals who possess their own set of unique gifts and abilities. God sees each one of them as important as the next. It is not about the most popular or the most talented or the most fashionable. It is about a willingness to serve. A passion for people. A love for God and His Word. Jesus even spoke about this with his disciples:

“But it is not so among you: but whosoever would become great among you, shall be your minister; and whosoever would be first among you, shall be servant of all.” – Mark 10:43-44

Did you catch that? If you want to be great in the Kingdom of God you must be a willing servant. That is not a glamorous title. On the contrary. Sometimes the work is thankless. Sometimes it may go unnoticed by the people around us. But it does not go unnoticed by God. He sees your sacrifice. He sees your efforts. He knows the time and energy you put into your ministry. THAT makes you great in His eyes. That makes you a LEGEND.
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