“The Miracle of Preaching” 
– Part One
The Spirit of the Lord has compelled me to speak about preaching…and preachers:
true preachers; the ones who have accepted the call of God to preach the gospel.

True preachers; those willing to go where few are willing to go,
true preachers; the ones who have received that divine “tap on the shoulder”,
true preachers; the ones who have heard that “still small voice” speak into their humbled heart.
true preachers; the ones who are daring enough to take on the task of enabling people to get to the place that God has purposed for them.

Faith comes by hearing, and hearing by the Word of God
“how shall they hear without a preacher?”
Preaching in these days will affect not only those that hear now…it will also affect generations to come. We (the church) must understand the vital importance of preaching and resist any movement that attempts to minimize, criticize, lessen, curtail, censure, disallow, denounce, or condemn preaching.

My assignment today is to remind us of the force and influence that preaching has in this ever changing world.

It has been; and is today the privilege of First Lady Rogers and I to provide training for those in ministry. Some of the crucial concepts we teach and attempt to live by are consistency, attempting to live holy, being real, accepting responsibility, understanding your calling and fulfilling it, accountability (being submissive to spiritual authority… if you desire the favor of God this is crucial), humility, sacrifice, loving people, developing a prayer life, study to show yourself approved, how to obtain the anointing (without which we are simply doing what we can do),
developing a servant spirit, and how to pace oneself to be able to endure.

Now that was simply about preachers… let’s talk about preaching… preaching … preaching … The Miracle of Preaching!

Prophesy! …. Preach! – Why are we called?
First may I remind us that we are the fulfillment of prophecy!

Acts 2:16-18
But this is that which was spoken by the prophet Joel:
And it shall come to pass in the last days, saith God
I will pour out of my Spirit upon all flesh;
And your sons and daughters shall prophesy … preach!
And on my servants and on my handmaidens
I will pour out in those days of my Spirit
And they shall prophesy … preach!

God has ordained the task of preaching the gospel to a chosen generation.
God has designed His church as a royal priesthood for the express purpose of preaching.
“ For the preaching of the cross is to them that perish foolishness; but unto us which are saved it is the power of God.” I Cor 1:18

God has called us to be that spiritual, holy nation; that we would open our mouths and speak words that He alone has given us.

Before we launch out into the deep here; allow me to define some terms.
In the NT Greek there are a few different words used to define preaching:

1- kerusso – to herald, as a public crier, divine truth
“go ye into all the world and preach (kay roos so) the gospel to every creature” Mark 16:15

2 – diaggello – to declare
Jesus called His disciples to follow Him and preach (de ang gel lo)
(declare) the Kingdom of God

3 – euaggelizo- announce good news, evangelize
bring a good message … Jesus said, I am anointed to preach
(yoo ang ghel id zo) the gospel … the good news

the good news that will heal the broken hearted
“ “ bring deliverance to the captives
“ “ give sight to the blind
“ “ liberate those that are bruised

4 – kataggello – speak of, proclaim

5 – laleo – tell the good news

so by definition…to preach is to:
• preach divine truth
• declare the Kingdom of God
• announce a good message
• speak and proclaim the gospel
• tell the good news
• evangelize, preach, publish the good news

Before we just “learn how to preach”, let’s learn what preaching is !
Let’s understand why we preach. Let’s get our definition of preaching from the scripture.

Another word that is used in the NT meaning to preach is prophesy. Prophesy in the NT Greek is – “propheteno”; meaning to speak under the inspiration of God or to exercise the prophetic office.

God has ordained preaching of the gospel. God has ordained and chosen prophesying.
The reason why He has done so is that preaching/prophesying is one of God’s chosen means to communicate, connect, and develop relationships with people.

Because it is through preaching/prophesying that lives are transformed.

It is through preaching/prophesying that what God is doing is revealed.

Preaching/prophesying reveals what God is saying by His Spirit.

Preaching/prophesying the word of faith “births” faith in the hearers’ life. This creates opportunities for the supernatural to occur.

through preaching/prophesying spiritual needs can be met

“ “ “ any crisis can be faced

through preaching/prophesying any challenge can be addressed

“ “ “ divine guidance is given

“ “ “ distress can be turned into hope

“ “ “ God’s Word becomes a lamp to our feet and a light to our path

“ “ “ confusion can be turned into direction

“ “ “ vision is cast and vision is imparted

“ “ “ sorrow can be changed into joy

“ “ “ disaster can be rearranged into victory

“ “ “ that which is dead can be brought to life

“ “ “ issues are addressed and answers found

Only through preaching/prophesying can matters such as sin and salvation be addressed.

Only through preaching/prophesying can sanctification and justification be defined.

This generation and any future generations are doomed without preaching … prophesying.

Somebody … you and I … must speak under the inspiration of God so that people can connect with God.

We utilize and do faith-based support groups…faith in Jesus Christ based support groups.
These are designed to help people in recovery, overcoming addictions, other life-issues, struggles, etc.

While all of these may have their value and merit…they are what they are…“support groups”.
The definition of support; hold up, prop up, sustain, maintain.

I am of the conviction that what people need before they need a support group is…
They need to be set free ….
They need liberated ….
They need to be born again …
They need to hear a message of hope and deliverance … the gospel!

Instead of holding people up, propping people up, sustaining and maintaining; we must give them the gospel …. so they can believe and receive an experience that does more than holds them up, props them up, etc.

The miracle of preaching works within their hearts and minds to transform and re-create.

The scriptures declare that when someone is born-again they enter the Kingdom of God.
If any man be in Christ he is a new creature; old things are passed away; behold, all things are become new.
II Corinthians 5:17 (also read John 3:1-17, Acts 2:38)

We’re talking about the Miracle of Preaching and the desperate need of truth preaching in our world today!

D L Rogers

(coming soon … Part 2 of “The Miracle of Preaching”)