“Unfamiliar, Uncommon, and Unusual”

Somebody brought the blind man to Jesus and asked Jesus to touch him. Evidently, they had faith that Jesus would perform a miracle and give him sight. Evidently, the blind man had faith also…there is no record of resistance.

“And He (Jesus) took the blind man by the hand, and led him out of town…” (Mark 8:23)

He took the blind man out of his familiar place. Again, no record of resistance even though he most likely was walking in places he had never ventured to before. He wanted his miracle. He must have felt “safe”; his hand in the Master’s hand.

He received his miracle; but not until he trusted Jesus outside of the comfort zone of what to him was familiar.

If we are to receive positive change in our lives, the miraculous of God, renewal, revival, refreshing,andre-fillings; we must be willing to take some risk! We must be like the blind man; willing to walk with the Master into experiences we have never known before!

The miracle awaits us in the unfamiliar.
Answered prayer is revealed in the uncommon.
Change takes place in the unusual.

It is during times when we are walking by faith that we receive a greater revelation of Who Jesus is in our life.
(For we walk by faith, not by sight:) II Corinthians 5:7

D L Rogers