“You have an Appointment with a Promise”

Part two.
The promise came at an unexpected time,
the promise was against all probabilities,
the promise was contrary to common sense,
the promise was contrary to biological probability,
the promise was contrary to physic-logical knowledge.
It seemed as if the Lord had selected the wrong couple; it seemed as if He was off on His timing.
At first; Abraham doubted and laughed at the promise.
Abraham thought the promise had come too late.
At first Sarah laughed at the promise…considered it as impossible.
However, but, nevertheless… something changed. At some moment…we are not told exactly when… faith swept in… faith stepped in. Faith stepped into the void…where there was no evidence and found some hope to stand on. Faith stepped in and found only the “spoken Word of God” to stand on. Faith stepped in and stood on the promise of God.
Nothing else but faith could have changed Abraham’s mind. Nothing else but faith could have changed Sarah’s heart. At first they did not believe…they laughed.
Aren’t we glad that God is merciful? The first time some of us heard the promises of God’s Word…
we may have doubted, we may have not believed, we may have not obeyed, we may have even laughed, mocked, and ridiculed. We may have resisted the Word of God and His promises.
But… The Lord is merciful … He didn’t write us off. His promise of salvation comes wrapped in grace, love and mercy.
Abraham and Sarah; at some point in time allowed faith to overcome all their doubts and fears. Because of their faith they were obedient to God (with faith even the most difficult steps of obedience are made possible) all we have to do is believe the Word of God.
Receiving God’s promises stands or falls on our faith the truth that the Word of God reveals.
With faith all things are possible. “You Have an Appointment with a Promise.” At a set time, the promise of God was fulfilled for Abraham and Sarah.
Hey… let’s believe together as we read this that we have an appointment with a promise. Let’s get off the porch of distrust, doubt, and fear. Out of the comfortableness of the common; we need to rise on the wings of faith and dare to believe the promises of God.
We must keep praying, submitting, and waiting on the promise to be fulfilled. In the meantime we must keep doing those things which lie within our power to do.
Next …. Part Three ….. The key to unlocking the promise of God in our lives ……